Wooden boxes and crates can be used to safely store and transport goods. Various sizes can be manufactured to suit the specific transport requirements as well varying wood thickness depending on load weight. These products support the height of your goods while protecting them. They can also be used to unite smaller goods for both protection and organizing purposes. The difference betwwn slats of wood and crates have open gaps between slats.

  • Block pallets are true 4 - way entry pallets.

we use blocks of solid wood.Block pallets use 4 to 12 blocks to support the top deckboards are thin stringers, which form a mat with the deckboard. Like in a stringer pallet, the length of a block pallet, is specified by the length of the stringer board and the width by length of the deckboards.Blcok pallets can be designed with or without bottom deckboards , or a full- perimeter base.


A stringer pallet is called that because it uses "stringers," which support the unit load. The stringers are the board, typically 2x4's or 3x4's, sandwiched between the top and bottom deck boards. When specifiying pallet, the length (i.e. the length of the stringer) is noted first , and the width , or length of the deck boards is noted second. Frequently,stringers may be notched to allow for partial four-way fork entry, thus creating a"4-way" stringer pallet. If the stringers are not notched, its is called a "2-way" pallet, with fork entry only from either end. Bottom deck boards can be chamfered to allow entry for the wheels of a pallet jack

  • The requirements for internationational shipping are freqently changing with the different country's legislation.

We have dealt with these requirements and is able to help keep you up to date on the requirements , rules and regulation of ISPM-15

  • ISPM-15's main purpose is to prevent the international transport and spread to disease and insects that could negatively affect plants ecosystem. IPSM-15 affects plants ecosystem. ISPM -15affects all wood packing materials (pallets, crates frames etc.) requiring that they be debarked and heat treated then properly stamped or branded with a mark of commpliance.

Ideal fun untizing bulk container shipments of metal cans, glass jars, glass bottles and plastic bottles. When combined with pallets, these top frames securely loads of product. The nominal frame provides superior support for many types of product loads . Additionaly each frame has clipped corners to allow for quicker loading procedures when pin wheeling trucks, handling finished goods & eliminated sharp corners from puncturating strecth film. Our wood top frames will provide you with the durability needed to keep packaging cost down.


Wooden packing materials comprised wholly of wood - based products such as square wood Flat wood plywood , MDF, particle board, veneer and chip boards which has been created using glue, heat , and pressure or a combination thereof used in suppoting , protecting , or carrying a commodity.


If for any reason the pallet is broken or damaged beyond repir, and it cannot be fixed to being functionala for that purpose, the term refurmbished is used. If your wood will then be furbished. One processed, the wood can be used to make a customized wood pallet.


our used pallets stock are refurbhed to a high standered and at around 60% the cost of new pallets and are a first choice for many of our customers. In many cases reconditioned pallets are the most approppriate and cost effective choice. The pallets are available as standered size.


Broken pallets can offten be salvaged and used again for a fraction of the cost of buying new palllets.

The following is a list of all the different repairs that can be done to repair pallets:

  • Missing Boards Replaced
  • Damged Boards Replaced
  • Tighten or replace any loose materials
  • Ensure all materials are flush with Pallet wood.
  • Repair twisted or wrapped Pallets
  • Other various repairs to Ensure maximum safety for your wood pallets

Scrap wood can be defined as pallets, packing wood, square wood flat wood etc.This woods are sometimes arriving to industries while purrchasing materials and for transportation purpose, to whichthis wood has no use for the industry. so instead of moving the wood to a dumpster or neglecting it. We would purchase the wood for a fair price.